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The entire COVID or upper respiratory infection scenario is unbelievable. It has created chaos, change, the need to adapt, collapse, new opportunity, vaccines, a significant amount of disparity and challenge. Challenge is what inspired us to act within weeks of news on the merits of homeopathy to create Evitarol. The foundation of which came from hearing and reading about the success of Doctors Without Borders and the use of a homeopathic/alternative remedy to coax the body into building immunity against upper respiratory infection. We combine what is available to help fight COVID; reduce incidence and heal. The formulation was presented to us, and we took action to research, alter, adapt, make more readily available into an easy-to-use formulation suitable for all.

Evitarol is a homeopathic remedy that builds immunity, focused on upper respiratory tract as a prevention, prophylactic and to build antibodies. Can be made available with a pre- and post-test.

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Youth Elixir - Collagen

What is youth? The reduction of wrinkles, smooth and glowing skin? Reduced joint pain and more energy? Stamina? Faster Recovery? Ease of movement? YA, probably all of those and more. Our YA formulation, out soon,  does all that and more. It protects, aids in recovery, reduces inflammation, corrects free radical damage, and looks after major organ function. With internal organ health, and muscle as well as joint support physical appearance, mental health, and movement are all improved. There is a noticeable difference externally. YA – Youth Actualized, Youth Always.

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Advanced Immune Building - Is a Win

A power packed natural formulation that specifically addresses major ailments that affect the body, based on keeping the body alkaline, reducing inflammation and targeting cellular regeneration. Aimed to establish equilibrium in cellular turnover. The strength of healthy cells is supported with proven minerals, vitamins, and the most powerful plants on earth that thrive in bleak conditions with minimal nutrients. Those source ingredients are evaluated on their potential to heal, regenerate and revive healthy cells, that when weak or compromised, affect the body and enable disease to manifest such as cancer and other villainous cells. High antioxidants, high anti-inflammatory, high mineral, high vitamin and the most powerful herbs are combined to keep the body healthy and fight illness or 'dis-ease'.

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Hygiene, Detoxification, Renewal

In the pipeline and next to market are some common conditions that affect the productivity and health of a mass number of individuals imbalanced by daily stress. These are not life threatening, but life altering that require attention and affect well-being. Tinnitus, Psoriasis, Gut Health, and detoxification. Everything in our biosphere affects our health. At the lowest level minerals are depleted, we are often tired and over-run with obligation and are surviving rather than thriving. A detoxification is required at both the major organ level and at the level of the blood that runs through us. A ground-breaking environmental detox is in the pipeline, mental and physical health renewal for men, women and teens, as well as body balancing to address common ailments that result from lifestyle.